Visual Matching Unit

Model AMVG-3000-LA
Frequency 13.56MHz
Maximum Possible Through-Power 3000W
Input Impedance 50Ω (at matching)
RF Input Connector HN, female
RF Output Terminal Cu Bar
Ground Terminal Chassis Ground
Matching Network  
VSWR Less than 1.2 or Ref 10W at matching whichever bigger
Variable Element Variable vacuum capacitors
Variable Capacitor Control Motor 2 phase pulse motor
Cooling Method Forced air (FAN Airflow: Approx 2.7m3/min)
Water Cooling (Flow: 2L/min, Temp:10 to 35oC, Pressure: 0.5Mpa(MAX), Connector:Rc1/4, female)
Interlock Connector D-Sub 15P,female
I/F Connector D-Sub 25P,male
Remote Connector D-Sub 25P,female
RS232C Connector D-Sub 9P,female
Power Supply Single-Phase Rated AC100-200V, 50-60Hz, typ.20VA (50VA max)
Weight Approx 11.0kg
Other Vdc Sensor (0 to ±10V/0 to ±2500Vdc)
Vpp Sensor (0 to 10V/0 to 5000Vpp)
Warranty Period 1 year